Our Flavors

These are the flavors we’re currently brewing. We’ll always have these available, but check back often to see what new seasonal tastes are available as well!


Made with a combination of organic apple and blueberry juice, this flavor offers a great balance of sweet and tart. It’s no wonder Appleberry is out best seller!


Made from cold-pressed cherry juice, this drink creates a sweet and aromatic experience. Even non-cherry lovers fall for this one! A popular choice for kombucha first-timers!


Our ginger kombucha provides a smooth and clean experience from fresh ginger root we juice ourselves! This zesty flavor tends to be a favorite for those looking for a less sweet taste.


This flavor is on the sweeter side thanks to the delicious pineapple juice. It’s also our healthiest flavor, even for kombucha, and is a favorite for post-workout refreshment.

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